Nature Trails

Did you know you can walk down to the base of the waterfall? Well, now you know...

Nature trails at the base of the fall and through the gorge is always a great experience you don't want to miss. Its always a safe haven for the endagered columbus monkey, baboons and small animals.

We invite you to also include a visit the Hippo sanctuary as part of your itinerary.

Game Drives

Laikipia region is one of the most important areas for biodiversity in Kenya.Wildlife population in this region is in abundance!

There are several tourist sites that the lodge can arrange game drives to; For Example, The Aberdare National Park, Solio Ranch, Lake Ol' Bollosat, Marmanet south forest elephant maternity, Kigio Conservancy, Lake Nakuru National Park and the famous Ol-Pejeta Conservancy which is a haven for the big five.


Bonfires at the uniquesly laid out area by the gardens has been a long-time favourite tradition at Thomsons Falls Lodge. You get sit around the firepit and have a recap of all the adventures experienced during the day. African stories and history about the lodge during the white settler days are in abundance.

So gather your friends, grab your favourite drink, soak in our history and enjoy an evening under the stars at Thomson Falls Lodge!

Kids Playground

We are a kids-friendly hotel.

Sit back while your little ones enjoy themselves freely at the children's playground which is well secured and big enough to accommodate many kids without a problem. You can always watch them from the garden restaurant as you have yourself some cold juice or coffee.  

The Gift Shop

Discover authentic african curios sourced from multiple regions in Kenya showcasing cultural diversities that will make these items quite the souveniours when you get back home.

Take away a small piece of Africa with you - handcrafted to perfection!

Karibu (Welcome).

Marmanet South Forest

Marmanet Forest is a forest in Rift Valley, Kenya, Africa. Marmanet Forest is also known as Marmanat, Marmanet Forest is also an Elephant maternity and comprises of several Elephants that roam within the large forest.

Lake Ol Bolossat, Kenya

In the chilly shadows of the Aberdare ranges in Central Kenya lies a tiny lake. Lake Ol Bolossat – the only Lake in Kenya’s Central Province. It is renowned for birdwatching and other activities like fishing. Lake Ol Bolossat covers an area of 43.3Km sq. with water covering 4Km sq and a grassland area of 39.3 Km sq. It lies at an altitude of 2,300 - 2,340 above sea level. It is located at the central tourism circuit along the route leading to Mount Kenya, Aberdare, Isiolo and Samburu area giving it a competitive advantage. The Lake is a source of River Ewaso Nyiro which traverses 4 counties namely Laikipia, Samburu, Isiolo and Marsabit and supports three wildlife Natural reserves all the way to the Lorian swamp. 

It is marked a the 61st Important Bird Area (IBA) in the country, which means a place of International significance for the conservation of birds at the global, regional or sub regional levels. The Lake is home to the globally threatened species e.g. the Sharpe's long claw and the grey crowned crane. 

It is also home to more than 800 Hippos and over 100 species of birds hence an important hub for wildlife tourism. Its strategic location at the slopes of the Aberdare's with beautiful sceneries makes it ideal for nature tourism. 


Hippo Sanctuary

Just 400 mts from the hotel, the hippo sanctuary is a mass of water where hippos live and breed. Being the only such attraction within our surrounding, guests can always expect to be guided to have an up-close look at the large mammals.

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